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Eco-Friendly Passive House Design Concepts

  1. Repurpose demo items, such as using a company like Stardust:

  2. Flat rooftop garden

  3. Harvest and Recycle rainwater … rain barrel catch system 

  4. Harvest/recycle HVAC condensation

  5. Solar thermal panels for water heat

  6. Mini-wind turbine

  7. Bamboo flooring

  8. Buy Energy Star appliances

  9. Low Flow showers, faucets, toilets

  10. Blower Door test, Air balancing, and home (window, door, ducts) seal

  11. Designate a Compost pile location in the backyard

  12. Structural insulated panels (SIPs) for new walls. Wall panels at 9 1/2-inch thick (R-45), OSB over polyisocyanurate insulation. 

  13. Ensure proper ceiling insulation

  14. A reflective cool roof to minimize heat absorption.

  15. Passive cooling by means of a solar chimney at the top of the house that can flush out stale air and introduce cooler, fresh air at night.

  16. Heating and cooling with a Carrier air-source heat pump. Whole-house ventilation with a Zehnder energy-recovery ventilator. The variable-speed air conditioner limits starts and stops for higher efficiency.

  17. Panasonic WhisperComfort Energy Recovery Ventilator

  18. LED bulbs, a smart thermostat (Nest), and wi-fi enabled energy management.

  19. Window tints

  20. Natural light = Skylights or “Sun Tunnels” (

  21. SolarCool Glass

  22. Photovoltaic glass… https://physee.eu

  23. Rooftop solar panels OR combined solar/hydropanel (

  24. Variable speed pool pump 

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