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Think Tomorrow Today (dba) 3T Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to advancing society with greater social and environmental responsibility measures within businesses and communities.


We are a group dedicated to challenging conventional wisdom and prevailing modes of operation. We collaborate and align with organizations ready to change the narrative.  We are crafting a future that reduces stress and suffering, and increases health and happiness for individuals and communities.  They way humans live, consume and work is changing.  We believe a window of opportunity exists - right now - to design an exponentially greater future for humanity.


#1   Transform business
Ethically implement automation and Triple Bottom Line metrics. We offer free workshops and consultation for businesses in partnership with Net Impact.


#2   Transform education 

Rethink 20th-century teaching methods. Integrate experiential learning and wellness into every lesson. We offer teacher workshops in partnership with JR Storytellers

#3   Transform life

Humanity is more connected than ever. Our lives improve when the lives of others improve. We can all be healthier and happier. We have a plan - in partnership with 2020 Theory and The Alpha Bet.

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