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We the People of Earth, in Order to form a Healthier, Happier, and Safer world, do ordain and establish this Agreement to give permission and influence the next generation of decision-makers to alter the constructs of the past in order to protect Humanity for the future.


  1. Guaranteed Basic Needs shall include adequate healthy food, safe shelter, clean air, clean water, and effective sanitation for all humans.

  2. Social Capital systems shall be available to incentivize good citizenship in exchange for “Social Needs” funding (modern lifestyle needs such as education, healthcare, home utilities, transportation, internet access, and insurance).

  3. Resource abundance in the environment is imperative to achieve by way of “governing the commons,” ethical technologies, and supporting the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

  4. “Smart Governments” must use the wisdom of crowds to lift their people up, distribute resources more equitably, and reduce complexities. A government must be agile, diverse, and use systems thinking methods to consider long-term consequences. Smart Governments incentivize prevention more than reactive fixes in military strategy, local infrastructure, and citizen wellness.

  5. Limited corporate excess in profit, advertising spending, and individual income extremes by way of calculated economic ceilings.

  6. Corporate responsibility is to transparently provide resources and networks for people to be their best selves while protecting the planet and ensuring “Natural Capital” regeneration. 

  7. Worker responsibility is to help their place of work achieve the above purpose. And, to work to the extent that they find joy in what they do and add value to the world, their lives, and their places of work. 

  8. Consumer responsibility is to demand the development of goods and services that respect and benefit society, economy, and the environment throughout the life of the good or service. Consumers must pay a higher tax for goods and services that result in harm to people or planet.

  9. Media responsibility is to purely seek and provide TRUTH; not for profit, not for sensationalism, and not for ratings.

  10. Altruism must be rewarded, as well as the pursuit of all humans to be treated fairly, to be safe, have strong communal connections, and have the opportunity to achieve their best selves. 

  11. Human progress is to be defined by creating opportunities to live more than you work, to create more than you consume, to have “freedom of attention,” and to pursue a life that is balanced. Progress requires the opportunity to explore our personal capabilities and passions with “Experiential Learning” so long as we do not infringe on these same rights of others. 

  12. Massive transformation, like this new social contract, is necessary at least every 100 years. It can be thought out and phased in to benefit the early adopters the most, and designed to avoid disrupting the lifestyles of those not comfortable with change.

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