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Need more ideas?  Here's an expanded list of employee engagement programs - but be mindful not to overwhelm the staff or divert too far from your core business purpose.

  • Data-driven and gamified milestones

  • Paid time off for community service

  • Purposeful Committees

  • Company-sponsored sports team

  • Off-site events

  • Education subsidizing

  • Business or Life Coaching

  • Free professional development workshops in exchange for volunteering

  • Allow a certain amount of volunteer work hours per year

  • Free HEALTHY food / breakroom

  • Lockers

  • Time off during the day

  • Onsite childcare or childcare assistance

  • Ride Share Network

  • Extended Family Leave

  • Quick, focused, streamlined meetings

  • Simplified training and policy manuals 

  • Profit Sharing

  • Crisis fund

  • Employee Assistance Program (

  • 7 hour work days, or 4-day work week opportunities 

  • Fun, exceptional and joyous work environment

  • Visual environment and mindful culture 

  • Other innovative ideas such as "placemaking" with psychology of color and sound

  • New clothing bonus for expecting mothers (ie. $500)

  • Meditation Room

  • “Professional Hugger” employee nominated quarterly

  • Employee challenges (Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, step right up, walk to wellness, photo contests)

Don't know where to begin?  Search online for any of the many low-cost apps and software to help identify the employee perks that are right for you and your staff.

Finally, find out how your business ranks in employee engagement with the 2020 Theory 20 Question Business Workshop, here.

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