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3T Alliance is a small organization that began in February of 2018.   We have spent most of our time working with organizations, graphic designers, web developers, ARG experts and volunteers to produce the 2020 Theory project.  Some of our work thus far includes free resources for businesses such as this Corporate Social Responsibility quiz:


We have also used 2020 Theory research to develop a book called “The Alpha Bet: A Simple Guide to Save a Complex World” and other products in order to generate revenue for the organization, instead of focusing on donations or fundraising as a source of income.  100% of proceeds from these products fund our mission.  We do not pay any administrative fees; nor do the founders take any sort of payment or income from the organization.  


Our mission is this:

Think Tomorrow Today is dedicated to advancing society with greater social and environmental responsibility measures within businesses and communities.


Due to the pandemic and social issues of year 2020, we turned our focus toward helping out organizations which we identified as requiring a higher level of assistance than in normal times.  To date, we have raised about $50,000 and we have distributed the funds in this way:


We have several projects we hope to achieve over the course of the next few years.  Please see a more complete description here: 3T ALLIANCE 10-YEAR PLAN


Thank you for considering our organization for a donation. For more information contact:



(202) 774-2087

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