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*the following list is an excerpt from "The War on Normal People" by Andrew Yang; designed to be a supplement to economic progress indicators (such as GDP).

  • Median Income and Standard of Living

  • Levels of engagement with Work and Labor Participation Rate

  • Health-adjusted life expectancy

  • Childhood Success Rates

  • Infant mortality

  • Surveys of National Well-being

  • Average Physical Fitness and Mental Health

  • Quality of Infrastructure

  • Proportion of Elderly in Quality Care

  • Human Capital Development and Access to Education

  • Marriage Rates and Success

  • Deaths of Despair / Despair Index / Substance Abuse

  • National Optimism / Mindset of Abundance

  • Community Integrity and Social Capital

  • Environmental Quality

  • Global Temperature Variance and Sea Levels

  • Re-acclimation of Incarcerated Individuals and Rates of Criminality

  • Artistic and Cultural Vibrancy

  • Design and Aesthetics

  • Information Integrity / Journalism

  • Dynamism and Mobility

  • Social and Economic Equity 

  • Public Safety 

  • Civic Engagement

  • Cybersecurity

  • Economic Competitiveness and Growth

  • Responsiveness and Evolution of Government

  • Efficient Use of Resources

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