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Consumers are shifting their spending power to companies with greater social accountability. 3T has developed a proprietary set of workshops and reports to assist Small Businesses in creating CSR and tracking tangible Triple Bottom Line metrics. Our tools and services are FREE for the time being.


We have found that businesses today can transform to a new method of increasing revenue and profit by way of:

Leveraging resources and capabilities... 
to help the community, improve employee engagement, and to reach new customers or markets.

Reducing risk and waste...
internally as well as with suppliers & stakeholders (reduced expense of waste, emissions, energy use, and water use).


Exploring new innovative services and products...
(such as collaborative tools, gig working methods, RPA’s, analytics, and machine learning)


Improving processes...
and streamlined administrative work

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NET IMPACT - PHOENIX PROFESSIONALS believe all businesses have the power to leverage their capabilities and resources for a greater positive impact on their workforce, their community, and the world.

XEIA, formerly an Artificial Intelligence Public Benefit Corporation. The Ethical Automation Coalition, developed by XEIA, works to advance the idea that automation must be built ethically considering all human aspects from the local employee level out to long-term impact on humanity. 

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